Blockchain Helpline Support Phone Number

The Blockchain is a decentralized and public digital ledger used to record the transactions between the two individuals. It was formed in the year 2008 to give a helping hand to bitcoin. The first Blockchain was discovered by a person known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the day it has come in the market, it has emerged as the most reputed and unique software platform for the digital assets. The Blockchain is an accumulation of blocks that are linked by the cryptography. The purpose to introduce private Blockchain is solely for the business use.  Block chain’s invention for Bitcoin made it the first digital currency to fix the spending problem without any need of trusted authority or central server. 

It delivers the largest production of the Blockchain that addresses the highly-advanced and inventive means and methods to build a fast and quick financial system. It consists of the series of blocks which begins its process from the genesis block and goes up to the current block. Every block has a cryptographic hash of the earlier one, a timestamp and transaction data. The Blockchain is designed in a pattern which is resistant to the modification of data. It can record transactions going between two parties in a permanent and flawless way. 

Blockchain might be well-equipped but you keep away the errors away from it. Check out the major drawbacks of Blockchains:

a)    Network size

Like all the distributed systems, Blockchain is not resistant and reverts to the attack and spread quickly. 

b)    Transaction costs and Network speed

Blockchain manages to process only seven transactions per second and each transaction is worth about $0.20. It can store only 80 bytes of data.

c)    Human error

Using Blockchain as a database requires high quality, therefore, the data stored on a Blockchain is not reliable.

Have a glance at the common errors users may come across:

a)    Two-factor authentication factor not working.

b)    Unable to manage privacy

c)    Unable to verify Blockchain account

d)    Unable to receive the verification code

e)    Unable to carry-out transaction via Blockchain account.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain


a)    Durability, reliability, and longevity

b)    Ecosystem simplification

c)    Lower transaction costs

d)    Transparency and immutability

e)    Faster Transactions


a)    Signature verification

b)    Control, security, and privacy

c)    Integration concerns

d)    Uncertain regulatory status

e)    High cost

Remarkable Blockchain characteristics:

Blockchain reserves blocks of data over the interface that are alike. By virtue of this feature:

•    Data cannot be measured by any particular entity.

•    There can't either be any individual failure point.

•    The data is contained in a public network, which guarantees complete clarity in the entire system.

•    The data collected in it cannot be falsified.

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