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GrrenAddress is an open source wallet used to store send and receive bitcoin. It is also known as a Fancier wallet because of the number of add-ons it delivers, making it the more convenient to experienced bitcoin users. GreenAddress is one of the flexible HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet and its characteristics like well-regarded security with two-factor authentication and protection against unwanted malware make it unique. It has the user-friendly interface, making users to access it conveniently on the desktop and mobile platforms.

GreenAddress is easily available on following platforms

You can easily find GreenAddress on these platforms.  You can install it without paying any cost for it.

a)    Chrome web store

b)    Apple app store

c)    Google Play

d)    F-Droid

Pros and Cons of GreenAddress


a)    Open source

b)    Integration of both device and mobile platforms.

c)    Permanent payment address posted publicly

d)    Robust security features

e)    Four different types of two-factor authentication


a)    Not ideal for beginners

b)    Set up time is more

Common issues faced by the users

a)    Unable to retrieve the GreenAddress password

b)    An issue in buying bitcoin

c)    The issue in selling bitcoins

d)    Unable to send digital currency to another wallet

e)    Unable to receive digital currency from another wallet

f)    Problems to verify Identity

g)    Problems with a BTC transaction

h)    Account hacked or compromised

i)    Unable to sign up

j)    Error in the login to my account

k)    Unable to withdraw forked coins

l)    Issues with my green address app  (gets stuck)


Despite the numerous features, GreenAddress has multiple issues and the users meet it on regular basis. Sometimes, users are unable to deal with these errors and they look for solutions which makes them panic and annoying. Under such scenarios, you are advised to take assistance from the skilled and talented professionals by dialing our GreenAddress wallet support number.

From tiny one to colossal, you can approach the professionals related to any issue of GreenAddress.  The professionals are around the clock to assist you and always put their 100% energy and efforts to deliver out-of-the-box results to the users. You can rely on the services they provide, as they have gone through training which makes them genius in this field. You can give a call to them, whenever you need guidance from them.  You’re in the best place as your information is secure with us. We are known for our remarkable work and we put whole-heartedly efforts to remove all your difficulties. You’re just one call away, so ping on our number for polished assistance.