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Europe based  C2C(cryptocurrencies) trading platform offering high liquidity to the market which facilitates a comfortable platform for NEW TRADERS, and cutting-edge robust tools set for ADVANCED TRADERS as well. Thus serving everyone’s cup of tea?.

It charges fees of 0.10% and offers a rebate of 0.01% if the order is not executed immediately, harbors free deposit but none in fiat currency.

Set up in the UK, with the efforts of techies, crypto enthusiasts and funded by visionaries, it is one one of the safe and secure most crypto exchange platform sustained by factor authentication, advanced encryption technology, and uptight security. It is built upon a fast, responsive and feature packed terminal that lets you trade effortlessly any of the HitBTC Currency pairs.

Nonetheless, it makes the most out of one’s trading bots with its leading API, and low latency data and execution feeds.

HitBTC is one of the advanced Bitcoin exchange, and it has a long history in Operation since 2013. The market allows you to trade in currency is such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, USDT, Dogecoin, among others. A Hong Kong-based company runs it.

The building of HitBTC required sincere efforts from experienced traders, finance professionals, and software developers, leading to an advanced level playing field that can cater to everyone's need and aspirations maintaining right volume and liquidity flow in the market. It boasts of innovative features, high edged algorithms support, and real-time clearance added with high availability, uptime and faulty fixations in a record short period of time.

HitBTC Features

BTC has ample amount advantages for its traders in store compounded with equality and cutting edge machine engine Technologies above mentioned. It also facilitates transactions at low fees, strong security measures, unlimited deposits and withdrawals of digital assets aligned with to choose from and the most being Fix API and Rest API.

The feature that makes it different from other 1 BTC does not require registration, and delivers full reading and has unlimited top-ups for customer's balance. All these features can be can be summed below for a quick look:

The API for HitBTC is robot friendly, so you also have the option of using your own trading bot if you got one. The API has low Latency data as well as execution feeds.

HitBTC affiliate program again is a step of departure from traditional exchanges, wherein it supplants users with rewards who bring with them a new pool of people to the platform of HitBTC. As the new entrant begins to trade, you can get a portion as much as 75% of their trading fees as a reward. This way, a customer of HitBTC gets more profits in the process, and the reward gets more significant with the new entrant's trading volume. The rules of reward withdrawal stipulate that you can only withdraw your rewards once you have reached the threshold limit of 0.01BTC.


It is quite simple registering a new account with HitBTC. Here are easy steps to follow for opening an account with hitbtc.

Step 1- click "register" in the upper right corner of the website and fill in the required information.

Step 2- provide an email address and set up a password.

Step 3- go to your email and click on the link in the message from hit BTC to confirm your address and activate your account.


Procedures For Depositing with HitBTC Account.

Note: It is to be kept in mind that every asset in the account has a unique address. There are some particular currencies with additional identifier fields like a designation tag for XRP, a message for XEM. One should remember always to include these when initiating his or her deposit process, and if you don't, you need to contact support staffs.

Step 4- Once the funds get to HitBTC, the bottom of your accounts page showcase a pending transaction, the currency will be available soon after. And there you go.

HitBTC Withdrawals

Follow the steps to withdraw from the hit BTC accounts successfully-

Step-1- To withdraw the coins, go to the "accounts" tab. There you'll find the withdrawal column, which includes one button for every currency available in your account.

Step 2- For withdrawal, funds must be there in your primary account, so approach by completing a transfer from the trading account if necessary. Then, you can click "withdraw."

Step 3- Choose the quantity to withdraw and paste it into your receiving address. Always double check the address since you cannot reverse the transaction. It is highly advisable to keep in mind that certain digital assets require more information for a sending transaction, thus maintain precaution. The minimum withdrawal amount is more than your network fee value, which can be seen right below the field for "amount."

Step 4-  After selecting “withdraw”, you are asked to type your respective authentication code, if you have enabled two-factor authentication for withdrawals. A notification asking you to confirm the withdrawal via Email will show up.

Step 5- go to your email address and open the email from support@hit btc.com that flags " withdrawal request." Further, click on the link to confirm to send the transaction and return to your respective account page.

Step 6- The withdrawals carried on your part, can be viewed in "Reports-Payments History" or in Latest Transactions." The three yellow dots appearing on the screen are the signatory of the ongoing process, and once the process is complete, these dots become a green mark.


Unlike other exchanges which lead you to trade without much information at your disposal, hitbtc maintains excellence in making available the right information to the customer who needs to decide and make up his mind before trading. For those who are experienced with trading will find  the information on the blog mature and enlightening, setting it apart from others. For example, it has plenty of information for beginners who are unsure of what to make of the information or how to go about cryptocurrency trading, where old folks will appreciate charts and graphs that make the task easier in handling mind-boggling risky trade at times and help them intake wise decisions.

Learn How to Trade on HitBTC.

Already learned that you must at first move funds from your main hitBTC account to the trading account.
Step 1- On your accounts page click on the Blue Arrow between two accounts. You'll be asked to input the amount and then click "transfer."

Step 2- It is time to set up the order once the coins are in your account. Click "exchange," and go to your trading screen.

Step 3- Go to "instruments" section and choose your trading pair.

Step 4- The types of order to place are categorized into " Buy box and Sell box." The website gives you a brief description of each- market, stop, limit, and stop limit.

Step 5- If you want to look into the history of your trades within a given market, you can do so by looking at the" My Orders and Trades" section. You can also manage trades across markets by clicking on "Reports."

Step 6- To be able to view orders, status, cancel an order, export trading history and perform other tasks, go to "My Orders." At the bottom of the breathing screen can see for the latest sales, market depth, and prices in the order book that people are buying and selling your selected crypto.

HitBTC “order types.”

What are market orders? These are something that allows you to sell or buy the instrument of your choice at the market price which is the best available price when you are placing the order. Whereas in real time, totals and fees are near estimates since these prices continuously vary depending on market factors.

Market orders are classified into three parts. These are limit orders, stop orders and stop-limit orders.

Limit orders are the one which lets you transact a trade at specific price solely at your discretion. So, limit orders to buy are bought at a lower amount whereas limit orders to sell for the limit of higher amount. It schedule you are willing to trade is known to you. The funds are reserved in your account and you can view them when you create this order. They also appear in the order book.

The execution of trades at specific prices gives its name as stop orders. This is slightly different than limit orders because once the market gets to the stop price,  the stop order becomes a market order. Unlike limit orders, these orders don't shop in the order book until they are activated and do not require any reserved funds.

And the last, stop limit orders to construct limit order for a specific price. When the order reaches this particular stop price, your stop limit order turns into a limit order. Reaching the stop price is what triggers the limit order, using your selected limit price. Following the same fashion as stop orders, it does not show up in the order book until activation and does not require any reserved funds.

HitBTC OTC Trading: State of The Art?

“Over the counter trading,” or OTC allows its users to participate in volumetric trade amounting to huge numbers without using the platform of public order books. To say otherwise, it would mean that, the trade is transacted between two investor and counterpart directly, and the market price of the coin or token does not get affected. Within the ambit of HitBTC, it is only applicable for trades with a volume of over 100,000 USDT (or its equivalent), provided with a commission surcharge of 0.1%.HitBTC runs it's OTC desk platform under the partnership with "Trusted Volumes " with its features of Two-sided liquidity facility. It is designed to perform secure execution of high volume deals for institutional firms and private traders seeking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on the RFQ (request for quotation) basis.
Supported are: 
•    BTC
•    ETH
•    XMR
•    ZEC
•    BCH
•    LTC
•    NEO
•    Also, other 200+ digital assets.

What's remarkable to note here is that Trusted Volume's monthly turnover exceeds staggering $1.5Billion in crypto assets.
It also boats of fast execution, competitive spreads, and 24/7 personalized support systems in place to help boost the confidence of its customers. So if you have a considerable volume to sell off, this can prove to be a prudent choice, in comparison with selling on an exchange as massive sell-offs often trigger price drops, as is seen in the market.


To fuel it's Cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC charges a meager amount of the transaction in percentages, to make profits and keep running.It has a unique model of "Maker-Taker" to maximize liquidity and narrowing their net spread on their markets. To be crystal clear, 'Takers' are the ones who attract liquidity away from the book, putting in place an order that matches immediately with one of the pre-existing orders. On the other hand 'Makers' are those who supply liquidity by creating a limit order under the asking price for buying or above the top bet for selling.
Takers are charged 0.1% fee on their trades whereas. Makers are charged no fee at all. Makers derive a 'Rebate'  from their trade of 0.01%. The design of rebate is such that it functions as a reward for providing liquidity.


Rebate is nothing but a reward that HitBTC pays to the maker for providing liquidity to the market. It comprises of a fee that the exchange receives for the executed order. In other words, it can be said that for trade outside of the immediate market price is matched; we incentivize the traders who placed the order by giving them 0.01% value of the transaction deal.


It is a tool to benefit further market makers rich HitBTC market making (MM) contracts that come with rebate bonuses and cash incentives. These market makers obtain daily performance reports with high levels of detail. Where in each contract only works with a unit trading pair, and there are several categories of contract, but there is a limit market maker one contract for from each category. These contract specifies the volume range on the sell and buys side, as well as the maximum spread of the contract. When you fulfill the contract at the end of the month, there is a provision of a rebate bonus of 0.01% to 0.04 %, compounded with a benefit of 1000 to 10,000 USDT.


When an exchange is as encouraging, prompt, experienced and secure as HitBTC, you do not have to ponder much over the safety issues because to analyze the same as if it has all the answers for your concern.


1.    Two-factor authentication.
2.    Cold storage for keeping and maintenance of funds.
3.    Reliance on advanced encryption technology to protect the valuable information of customers and traders
4.    .It recommends persistently to its users to protect their account by providing basic necessary know-hows from time to time such as suggestions for creating strong password every weak. You can set up the Two-factor verification via the" security" tab in "settings," and activate it for withdrawals, log in issues.
5.    Plus the exchange always intimates you via email notification in case if your account is accessed from a new IP address.
6.    The option of terminating all the sessions, helps a user to automatically log out of all the active sessions, except for the one currently in use to perform current task or transaction. The "Security" tab facilitates functions like these, and many more, such as to enable automatic logout, by moderating your sessions with options of various time scales and you can plan accordingly
7.    .Every confusion and doubts about security and possible delusive hack attempts can be dealt with just peeking into "latest activity" under the security tab itself, which further extends info about your withdrawals of money, enabling or disabling two-factor verification, password and sign in issues.