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Jaxx is the wallet found by the Decentral in the year 2014. This Canadian leading Blockchain Company is known for its multi-tasking features. It is the platform where you can control your seed and PIN. You can store more than 60 tokens, all together in one place. It supports the seven different cryptocurrencies. This highly-enriched wallet is user-friendly and has the aptitude to sync all the devices. The ambition of Jaxx is to make the Blockchain simplistic and engaging to produce more traffic. Jaxx is also known as the e-wallet. The users can store and take a control of their online shopping information in various ways. Jaxx can be downloaded freely and the transaction fees range from 000441 with Etherum transaction. 

What makes Jaxx exceptional from rest of the wallet? Check out the distinguishing features of the Jaxx:

a)    Multiple currencies

b)    Intuitive UI

c)    Easy utility methods

d)    Local keys

e)    Free access

f)    In-built exchange

g)    Custom Fees

h)    QR Scanner

Jaxx can be accessed on below-given platforms:

a)    Windows and Apple

b)    Androids

c)    IOS

d)    Google Chrome

e)    Firefox extensions

Pros and Cons of Jaxx wallet

Keeping the ingenious points in mind, Jaxx wallet has its pros and cons.


a)    Store multiple currencies

b)    Inbuilt exchange for fast conversations

c)    High accessibility

d)    Compatible and seamless

e)    Free download

f)    Supported on many devices and platforms

g)    Best wallet for beginners


a)    CTO’s way of responding

b)    Unsure about vulnerability

c)    Jaxx wallet seed extraction vulnerability

d)    Two-factor authentication is unavailable

f)    Less Security

Major issues faced by the users

•    Troubles due to Jaxx 2fa not working

•    Unable to add the payment to Jaxx account

•    Problems because of inability to receive money

•    Issues in the cancellation of the transaction

•    Unwanted hurdles in following the password reset of Jaxx account

•    Troubles due to being unable to execute the steps for email verification

•    Unable to transfer the Bitcoin owing to unknown obstructions.

•    Sometimes the problem arises due to being unable to create the account for Jaxx.

•    Unable to find out the wallet balance.


Though Jaxx wallet proffers various facilities to its users it does come across various errors that create the problem for the Jaxx users. Whether miniature or prominent, errors leave use frustrating and annoying. Under such scenarios, you need not panic at all, you can call on our Jaxx wallet support number as soon as possible. Our support number works nonstop and can be accessed from anywhere. It is active round the clock and our bunch of highly-skilled experts are always there to listen to your queries. You can get connected to our experts who are always at your service. Whether it’s early morning or late night, you can approach us to get rid of your errors.  We are with you at every step to assist you. Instead of worrying and looking for the solutions, you can contact us directly and get in touch with our team. We are known for providing excellent services. You are one call away from us. Don’t miss the chance to resolve your issues in less span of time.