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MyEtherwallet, also known as MEW was established in the year 2015. It was founded by Kvhnuke and tayvano. It is an open source tool used to produce Etherum wallets and sending transactions. It is a web-based service that facilitates you to take control of your funds. Within less time, MEW has surfaced as the best-reputed platform for Etherum wallets. With my ether wallet, you can easily store your ether in wallets and this process happens on your computers, which helps you in backing your data safely.

It is used to store, send, and receive Ether and ERC-20 tokens safely and also, for the interaction with smart contracts. MEW provides the broad platform to its users where they can send coins quickly through the private key (secret password). With MEW, you can expand your networks with many different ETH networks such as Etherscan and Myetherapi.  It also helps you in creating ETH send/receive transactions on Blockchain Etherum.

MyEtherWallet is an interface

Generally people understand MyEtherWallet is a bank but they are wrong as MyEtherWallet is not a bank it is an interface as when you will create an account on MyEtherWallet you are generating a cryptographic set of the numbers that include both the public key as well as the private key. This address helps you to access your account easily and it would be inside in your browser as to handle your keys that happens entirely on the computer.  Moreover there is no transaction fee include in this type of transaction as we already tell that it is not a bank it is an interface that not include any transaction fee. We can use this interface simply to interact directly with the block chain.

Best catching features of MyEtherwallet

As we know, MEW provides extensibility to its users at the higher level. These below-given characteristics of MEW attract users from different corners of the world. 

a)    Offline sending

b)    Smart contracts

c)    Quick setup

d)    Receiving and sending currency

e)    SWAP assets

Cryptocurrencies supported by MyEtherumWallet

a)    Ether (ETH)

b)    Etherum Classic (ETC)

c)    Any standard Etherum token (ERC-20) issued on the Etherum wallet

With time, My Etherum wallet has improvised  its features but still, there are certain shortcomings that frame issues for the users. The most common issues faced by the users are:

a)    Balance not showing up

b)    My ether wallet account hacked

c)    ETH or Tokens sent to or from exchange haven’t shown up

d)    My ether wallet goes down

Entitlements and drawbacks of My ether wallet


a)    You can create your own wallets

b)    Supports ERC-20 tokens

c)    Superlative security

d)    Easy-to-use interface

e)    Free to use


a)    Unable to access cryptocurrency exchanges

b)    Inapplicable for Bitcoins and other altcoins

c)    You can’t access MEW from other devices

Despite having various facilities, users face errors while working on MEW. Some errors are out from the user’s level and can be fixed by the ones who know everything about  My Ether wallet. Some users get panic as they are unable to solve the issue. Under such scenarios, you can fix your issues in short-interval of time with utmost perfection, you can dial our My ether wallet helpline number. Our number is available 24/7 and you can reach us at any time to confront your issues with the team of certified talented executives who are skilled and aware of all the MEW errors and can fix it easily in no time. You don’t have to worry, as you can tell your issues to our experts and they will fix it with their vast knowledge. To get any help, you can call on our number. We are happy to assist you and are always at your service.